WINTER 2022 ︎


︎Role: UX Designer  

Project Goal:
Using a design software [Figma] create a high-fidelity re-design of a booking experience that has at least 6-wireframes and showcase how your design would improve the current experience to enhance the user flow and overall experience. Through reiteration and feedback from peers ensure that the journey matches the mental models of other individuals to ensure that it can be clicked through and the experience is navigatable. 

Run a competitive analysis between AMC and its most notorious competitiors. Those that are both in the physical movie theater business as well as some adjacent competiors that could potentially take over aspects of their booking experience in the future. 

The future of the cinema is at a werid crossroads especially since the introduction of SVOD platforms and general streaming capabalities. The idea of the re-design would to expedite the customer’s journey to access tickets in a timely manner while highlighting AMC’s specific points of differenitation amongst competiors. Looking at the after effects of the pandemic highlights where they need to catch up with industry standards and where they will stand the test of time.  

FIGMA RE-DESIGN - https://www.figma.com/file/F45H3xuCWD0ezSTjgGfFo4/AMC-Theaters?node-id=0-1&t=vNXIOcUCQ2AwSFCi-0