WINTER 2022 ︎


︎Role: UX Researcher 

︎Team Size: 4 - Jessica, Febry, Sam, Jia

︎Test Subjects: 12 full-time students living in the United States between the ages of 18-30. (9 male-identifying, 3-female-identifying) all making under 20k per year. Using a screener test we looked for individuals who had little to no previous interaction with Canva.com before conducting their evaluation to test how Canva was resonating with first-time users.

︎ Study Overview: Using Canva.com participants were asked to create multiple presentations about their favorite movies using avaliable templates. During the test they were asked to walk us through their understanding of the Canva UI and how their overall experience was using their service in comparison to solidified mental models used by competitors like Google Slides and PowerPoint. After key tasks were completed participants were asked questions to highlight where the experience was frictionless and where painpoints were encountered.

Project Goal:
Create a comprehensive - heuristic informed usability study on UserTesting.com for live participants to test the functionality of a chosen service and test the merit of the teams usability study.  

︎Methodology: Create a target persona to represent the life of an average Canva user. Discuss how existing UI issues interferred with user goals and how heuristics can highlight room for growth and identifying where current offerings are not servicing indivudals. As we conducted the study we paid close attention to where the pain points were encountered and proposed design changes that would benefit Canva users across the platform regardless of their familiarity with Canva. Annotated and tagged screen recording clips from the usability tests were used to inform the proposed design choices.

Generate actionable UX recommendations to enhance Canva’s UX/UI for the target persona. As well as spotlighting areas of growth that would benefit from further development, research, and interviews to expand the current offerings on Canva.com.